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Post Info TOPIC: BEERKADA FORUM RULES (A must read for all)

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BEERKADA FORUM RULES (A must read for all)
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* To curb trolling and spamming, you will not be able to post until you have been registered for 12 hours.

* OUTWAR or similar link posting is considered spam, not allowed, and WILL BE DELETED. So don't bother!

* Please do not use image tags to direct-link to any photos that aren't a) in your own webspace (using your own bandwidth) or b) from a major site (, or c) from another site that's said it's okay. We've been known to tank innocent sites (or run up massive bandwidth bills) in 2 hours because of the traffic we generate, so have mercy and use the "attach" feature instead. Direct-link URL's are fine. (Note: Penny-Arcade and other comic sites would appreciate it if you'd link to the whole page the comic is on instead of just the comic itself.) Sig images should *never* be direct linked without permission of the person paying the bill for that bandwidth.

First, a note on bannings in general: not all bannings are permanent. Some are short-term (aka suspension, time-out), so it's best not to do stupid stuff that'll make it become long-term. This includes smurfing, arguing with the mods over it, etc. We don't always say which type we're doing, I know, but it's probably best to find out which kind it is before you go and do something stupid that'll make sure it's permanent.

Some of these are labeled as "immediate banning" or "permanent banning," the others aren't. In truth, any of these can get you banned, but rather than have things black and white, we look at each case as it comes. But chronic violations of any of these, or abuses of the leeway in any given situation, can and will still resulting you meeting Mr. Banstick.


This is a work in progress, and is subject to changes at any time by the mods or Frymaster, or even eradication by Frymaster. If you have questions, mail us. Thanks.

Da Rules

1 - No links to or pictures from goatse, tubgirl, victim pics, etc. This is bannable first time around, no questions asked.

2 - No warez. Do not use these forums (this includes Private Messages) to swap/sell/buy illegal software (or other illegal materials), or even to arrange swapping. This is also a first-time ban offense.

3 - No linking to "underground" or "pirate" sites to get copyrighted materials, or asking for said sites. This includes FTP servers, websites, and the like. Discussion of widely-known, established filesharing services (such as Kazaa) or websites (Digital Archive Project) is acceptable. Also, nobody cares that you downloaded an advance version of the newest X-Box game; it is not generally a bannable offense, but your thread will probably be shut down from the resulting anti-piracy flames.

4 - Discussion of illegal drugs should be kept within academic or newsworthy limits only. "How to" discussions and "I'm so stoned" posts may result in repercussions ranging from a warning to immediate and permanent banning, depending on previous history, context of post and nature/content of post.

5 - NO SPAM. If you've got nothing to contribute but a link to something you're pimping, please find another board. Members who register and immediately start posting spam links will be banned. Existing members will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6 - No porn or nudity. (See also rule #10.)

7 - Don't be an asshat to other people or try to stir up stuff. Debates are fine, but argue with the point, not the person. Flamey threads will be closed; flamey people may meet Mr. Banstick. Note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong.

8 - No excessive bumping. Some bumping is normal, but man, if a thread is dead, it's dead, man. Let it gooooooo....

9 - Ambush spoilers are baaaaaaad. Ambush spoilers of things that are still in theaters, haven't re-run yet on TV, or are otherwise very new will earn you a visit from Mr. Unhappy Stick. Don't forget that you are much smaller than the piano that is aimed at your head.

When it comes to spoilers in general (ie older stuff), err on the side of courtesy. If you want to talk about a movie/book/etc. without tags, make a thread for it and make sure you note it'll have unmarked spoilers. The rest of the time, use tags, please, even if it's old stuff, since not all of us are up-to-date on our movies/reading/etc. (The blatantly obvious is exempt, natch, like Vader being Luke's dad, Mrs. Robinson trying to seduce Dustin Hoffman, that the Titanic sank, etc.)

To use spoiler tags...


10 - No NSFW stuff. NSFW ("Not Safe For Work") is defined as anything that most people would not want seen by their bosses, parents or teachers. I said "most people," not "your boss, mom or teacher." Just because your mom likes goatse doesn't mean my boss does. For the returning posters: We used to allow it, but we decided this forum doesn't really need half-naked women. If you really need it, Google is your friend. ADDENDUM: Do not post links to content that is considered Not Safe For Work. This place is geared toward the PG rating. Meaning, that there are children that post here as well as adults. We do not need to be a portal for a minor to find porn. If you must tell someone about "this hawt site" then please email it to them. Keep the forums out of it.

11 - No swearing in topic lines of threads. This includes masked profanity (Example: f&%k, sh*t, motherf*****). Swearing in threads is fine, just don't overdo it. NOTE: This rule is in a trial-basis repeal and does not currently apply.

12 - If you're banned, don't argue it. Inquire if you're not sure why, we'll explain if you're unclear, but if/when you're told "this is how it is," don't sit and argue over it. More than one person has gone from a "time out" (short-term ban) to a long-term or indefinite one over that.

13 - If you're banned, you are not allowed to make or use any other accounts. All bans are by the person, not just by the account. Circumventing a temporary ban *will* make it permanent.

14 - Don't make the mods' jobs harder than they have to be. If you disagree with something we did as mods, fine, disagree and let us know, but do it politely. Don't go being a dink about out. It just irks us and ticks you off (further) and that gets us both nowhere. To quote Marcus Cole, "You can get more with kind words and a two-by-four than just a two-by-four." On the same note, dancing around the rules, purposely skirting them just to see us twitch will not help you out much, either.

15 - No posting on behalf of someone who's banned. That'll probably get you banned, too. The idea of being banned is that they're no longer a part of this online forum community and are no longer allowed to interact here. (Note: Contacting the mods, for information or an address for banned parties to write to is perfectly fine.)

16 - No making threads that give glory to banned people. It's not a violation to mention them in passing but no threads that focus on them. ("Ah, TrollDuJour, I miss him so!" "or Hey, it's TrollduJour's birthday!") Prohibited threads include "What banned member do you miss/would you bring back?" type of threds. They're banned; don't give them that attention. See rule #15.

17 - You're not half as clever as you think you are, so don't be cutesy and try to dance around the rules and sit and split hairs just to show how smart and edgy and political you are. If you want a revolution, this ain't the place to be finding it.

18 - If you need to take a break from the board and don't have the willpower to stay away, posting something banworthy will earn you a permanent IP ban. You will not be able to come back later. Get an eggtimer, block the boards in your firewall, give yourself a daily thread quota, have someone very trustworthy (parent, spouse) scramble your password, whatever... It's a better alternative. See rule #13.

19 - No troll/flame smurfing. (See below.) Gimmick or humor smurfing is okay, but evil smurfing (ban circumvention, flaming someone "anonymously") is a one-way ticket to troubleville (and probably a ban).

20 - Don't sign up just to pimp something. We welcome established members asking people to check out their webcomic/site/art/whatever, but signing up and then advertising on your first post is really frowned upon here, and will probably get your thread killed.

21 - You're not a mod, so don't correct posters like one. If you have a problem with a post, use the "Report This Post" button, rather than playing the parent. More often than not, that causes more problems than it fixes. Let us handle what is ours to handle.

22 - Plagarism is not acceptable. This includes (but isn't limited to) both writing and drawing. The basic definition is taking credit for other people's work, or trying to pass other's work off as your own (partially or wholly). For more on plagarism, visit, or

23 - No pedopheliac jokes (ones about having sex with children). ie "If there's grass...," "If it bleeds..." These are bannable on the first offense at a mod's discretion, temp or perm (at a mod's discretion as well).

(Rule added June 16, 2004)
Finally, use your best common sense. This is a long list of rules, but they're here for a reason. The basic jist of it is "No nudity/porn, porn, no drug threads, nothing illegal, no ambush spoilers or NSFW, and be nice." Realize that your opinions & experiences do not supercede/negate all others and respect your fellow posters. That's what this all boils down to, after all.

Be good, be smart, and have fun.


NSFW - Not Safe For Work. Something that could get most people in trouble with their boss/teacher/parent if said person saw it over their shoulder. Usually naughty pictures, adult discussion, gross things, etc., but can also apply to those flash gizmos that make you take an eyesight test then suddenly spring screaming zombies at you.

Smurfing - Creating/using a board account other than your main one. There's "gimmick" smurfing (for reasons of humor, Secret Santas, etc.) which is okay, and evil or "troll" smurfing (using another account in order to flame anonymously, circumvent a ban, or otherwise stir up trouble). See rule #19.

LOL - If you don't know what this or ROFL is, you're in waaaaaaay over your head here. Back up, cowboy, you're in for a bumpy ride.

Spoiler - Giving away a twist, an ending to, or another element of a book, movie, game, TV show, comic, etc. that most people would've preferred to have not known about beforehand. Endings and twists are the obvious ones, but most people don't appreciate play-by-plays of the "in between" scenes, either, at least not if it's something they plan on seeing. See rule #9.

"UMS" or "UM Spoilers" - Unmarked spoilers. This means that this thread contains spoilers for the topic that are not marked in spoiler tags. If you enter this thread, the topic WILL be spoiled for you, so it is suggested that you not enter such threads until you've seen/read/heard the item in question.

Goatse - Photographic picture featuring the rear end of anatomy, notorious around the Internet. It has its own website; if you are desperate to know more, search on Google, but we REALLY donít recommend it.

Tubgirl - Photographic picture featuring Creative uses of anatomy and liquids, notorious around the Internet. If you are desperate to know more, search on Google, but we REALLY donít recommend it.

Victim Pictures - Pictures of People and animals after they have been through some form of bodily trauma, this includes but in no way is limited to car accidents, road kill and icky cadavers.

Warez - Hacker/Cracker/Script kiddy term for illegal software that has blossomed into web culture. Warez include but are not limited to: cracks, serial key generators, emulation/emulators, and any and all other illegal unlicensed software. Pointing to established "abandonware" sites (copyrighted games that are no longer being published, and are sometimes posted as downloads on websites) is acceptable, as long as the site doesn't actively deal in software still in publication.

Spam - Unwanted promotion of any object and/or information that serves no purpose and is entirely off topic. Also a tasty form of canned spiced meat manufactured by Hormel.

Emulation - Software and systems that emulate or mimic the functionality of another system, commonly refered to in the context of console gaming. Emulators are used to run game "ROMs" (Copies of console games) on PC systems to bypass the need to own a particular gaming console. ROMs and Emulation are considered warez on this forum.

About Bans: Bans can come in three flavors.

The first flavor is "short term," which means you did something stupid enough to earn you a vacation from the forum, but nothin so bad you need a permament ban. These run anywhere from a day to a matter of months. Smurfing to revisit will turn it into a permanent ban. (aka suspension, a time out)

The second flavor is "indefinite." It means you've done enough, crossed enough lines, or irritated the mods enough that you're banned until we think it's time for you to come back. Constantly asking about when you can come back will not help your case. Smurfing to revisit will turn it into a permanent ban.

The third flavor is "permanent." That means you're gone, for good, kthxbye. Smurfing to revisit will do you no favors and has the potential to bring about legal action against you. So don't go there. Take the hint and move on without us; there's nothing here that's so important you need to make a nuisance of yourself and/or take that risk.

You can appeal any ban if you think it's unjust by writing Fry or the mods, but if you choose to do this, do so calmly, maturely, and be ready to apologize if you were in the wrong. That won't guarantee you a trip back, but being a jerk will guarantee you *won't* get back in. Constantly asking or, god forbid, harassing mods over it will be futile.

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